Taxi! - SpliceCom Partner Goes Mobile

Lookout for an eye-catching advert if you’re visiting the nation’s capital in the next twelve months, as SpliceCom Community Partner iCS Communications has turned a black London cab into a mobile billboard.

Focussed on the advanced mobility capabilities of the SpliceCom portfolio – the fully featured iPCS IP Softphone extension for SmartPhones and Tablets, alongside the real-time Business Management Dashboard information delivered thorough Vision Live on the same devices – iCS Founder and MD John Gillborn has produced the taxi add in order to increase awareness and generate business.

“I’ve been a SpliceCom fan for some years now,” says Gillborn, both as a Partner and an end-user of their kit. An illustration of a typical working day for me will serve to illustrate just why. I was at a product update in London in the morning and then had the opportunity to work from a client’s office, followed by an account management review with a customer in Town over a pint of the brown stuff. I worked for those 3 hours in our client’s premises as effectively as if I was back at our head office in Camberley.”

“In the past I would have opened my day book and started calling customers and suppliers to let them know that ‘I’m on my mobile today so call me back on 07973 blah, blah, blah.’ But now with SpliceCom’s iPCS app for SmartPhones and Tablets I’m fully integrated with the office. It works just like an office phone but on my iPhone, there’s also an Android version,” states Gillborn.

“It needs a 3G data connection, or WiFi access to create a data path to the office, it then allows me to make VoIP calls to the office down that connection. I can make calls out from my office on the office telephone number, I can see at the touch of a button who is on the phone. I can hold and transfer calls, make calls internally and externally and create 3-party conferences, listen to voicemails, answer calls for the sales group, park calls so everyone can see them and access the corporate directory. People within the office can see that I’m available to take calls but off-site and also when I'm busy on the phone. It's the real deal and I even get an internal and external ring depending on the type of call that's coming in,” continues Gillborn.

“This is the closest I've ever come to living the "IP dream", I'm really in when I'm out, even when I'm out-out to steal a Mickey Flannigan catchphrase. I recently called a client whilst on a ski lift in the alps, took a call in a bar in Mexico and too many times to mention in the Stag public house, Ascot High Street on the way home. I quite often tell Mrs G that I'm staying in the office as I’m so busy that it’s the only time I get to read my email’s. Now, with all the mobility benefits of iPCS, I can do it in the company of a pint of IPA and still give the children answers to their homework, while I'm contactable at the office!” concludes Gillborn.