Microsoft Teams

Enhance your Microsoft Teams deployment with Splicecom's SelectVoice platform. Microsoft are expanding the Teams API and interoperability with Teams, enabling Splicecom to deliver a wider choice to Teams customers.

By connecting Teams Direct Routing to SelectVoice, Teams users can make external PSTN calls via the SelectVoice SIP trunks and take advantage of lower call rates and bundles. Teams users can also communicate internally with SelectVoice users.

SelectVoice's Teams desktop integration enables SelectVoice Users who have Teams as a video and collaboration tool to access Teams Contacts, click and dial from Teams Contacts, Dial from Outlook and display their SelectVoice user presence within Teams, when making calls via their SelectVoice device.

Vision Business Management is an embedded SelectVoice reporting application that provides reports on internal calls between Teams and SelectVoice users and Teams users making/receiving external PSTN calls. Vision Record enables PSTN calls made to and from Teams users, via the SelectVoice Platform, to be recorded.

Splicecom provides a wide-range of Teams Video Conference solutions for Meeting Rooms, that are tailored for various room sizes and the type of video/collaboration required. Teams users looking to break away from PC client/headest working can also take advantage of Splicecom's range of Yealink's fully certified Desk Phones for Teams.