So who owns your clients' call recordings?
In a customer premise deployment it's a very simple question to answer. The recordings reside on the customers site along with the PBX. It's the customers'. But in a hosted environment, where the customer is subscribing to a service on a month-by-month basis is that still the case? What about the rest...
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Everyone's Got A Call Centre!
Far from getting more difficult, the positioning of both formal and informal call centre solutions to the betterment of a client’s productivity is probably simpler than it’s ever been. They just need to be aligned with your customer’s IT strategy, in exactly the same way that you should now be t...
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The Future Looks Bright!
"Phone Systems are sold, not bought - always have been, always will be," something Jeremy Cooke said to me in our first meeting, over twenty years ago now, when I first started working with SDX - I was with Bay Networks at the time and we were developing the original Data Networking Cassette for INDeX...
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A Real Alternative To Hosted Voice
When researching the state of the hosted market in conjunction with our channel partners, it was patently obvious that it’s still being viewed as both opportunity and threat in equal measure. The simplicity of hosted technology and its associated features, along with its positioning, lends itself to...
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Making Unified Communications Fit For (SME) Purpose
For Unified Communication to be fully embraced by the SME sector it HAS to be made simple; simple to understand, simple to implement, simple to use – and simple for the channel to sell The premise is easy enough; increase overall workforce productivity through the streamlining and simplification of ...
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IT Apps Lead Voice System Sales
At SpliceCom we’re finding that opportunities for on-premise IP PBXs, be they soft, hard or virtual are now almost exclusively application led. Hosted telephony is best suited for the simple dial-tone implementations required by very small and very large customers; those that would have been served ...
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Call Recordings - Are They Really Yours?
We’ve always prided ourselves to be able to “think outside of the box” at SpliceCom. So when it came to Call Recording, we developed our own application in-house – rather than re-badging a 3rd party application - and have been ticking all the boxes since its launch in 2005.

• Fully embedd...
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CRM + Voice = A Happy Workforce
Back in the days when PBXs were made of tin and screwed to the wall, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) was the way to provide a rudimentary link to PCs. This allowed telephone numbers from inbound calls to be forwarded to database and sales management applications and then get the same applications...
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Here Comes 2015
Happy 2015 y’all! This looks set to be the year when customer choice is put fairly and squarely back on the agenda. Choose what device (or devices) you want to handle your voice calls on, choose where your system lives, choose if you want to own it or lease it, choose how you want to pay for it. So ...
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Think Total Mobility
If Fixed Mobile Convergence is a technology, then Mobility is a state of mind. The latter has far outgrown the premise (no pun intended) of the former; why switch your mobile call to your deskphone when you reach the office, when your smartphone is the only device you require for ALL your business cal...
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Apps That Work Harder
The role of the IP PBX and Unified Communication server - wherever it might be located - has evolved in the same manner as the SmartPhone. They're both application platforms, where voice is just one of those applications.

Content is very much king and in a mature market where there is very litt...
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Mobility = Business Continuity
With the leaves finally starting to fall from the trees our thoughts naturally turn to the winter; snow, ice, travel disruption, coughs, colds and flu! If you're working for a forward thinking organisation, there'll already be policies in place to allow you to work just as efficiently out of t...
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I Can't Talk Just Now
Unified Communication is helping to shape the way we work, with the greatest change being applied to how we choose to contact the workforce when they're out of the office.

It's now a given that modern business practice produces three distinct types of employee. Think of your colleagues and ...
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Don't Forget Management When It Comes To Mobility!
We strongly believe that when it comes to modern business practice and in particular flexible working, it's workforce mobility that all too frequently gets the lion's share of the focus, often to the detriment of management needs.

We've previously stated that there are now three types o...
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Can't Stand Still
In the “always connected – always available” business environment that we’re fortunate enough to be working in, it’s sometimes necessary just to draw breath, sit down and consider how much business has changed. Over the past five years the number of significant changes and indeed the rate th...
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To Be Or Not To Be (A Call Centre Customer)
“We don’t have/don’t want a Call Centre – you need to understand our business!”

I hear a derivative of the statement above at least once a week when I’m out supporting our partners at the point-of-sale.

Selling Call Centre solutions is as much about perception and emotion as it is ...
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IT VARs Set To Shake Up Telecomms
SpliceCom, Britain's leading developer of telephone systems, is closely engaged with the IT Reseller led revolution that's set to change the landscape of the UK telecoms market.

For many years it's been said that Voice is turning into just another network application - albeit a missio...
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Customer Choice Is King
If recently published industry figures are accurate, PBX sales in the UK are on the slide, where as Unified Communications has been identified as an area of growth. Cloud/Hosted systems are generating a lot of column inches in the trade press; however, we still await the first report from a reputable ...
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Hosted Telephony - Part 2
We’ve received unprecedented interest in our alternative approach to service delivery since posting "Hosted Telephony – Channel Threat or Opportunity" as a SpliceView blog back in May. 

We've been inundated with emails and phone calls from Resellers, most of whom we've never had c...
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Hosted Telephony - Channel Threat or Opportunity?
Hosted Telephony is still viewed as a threat, rather than embraced as an opportunity, by many in the UK comms channel.

Most experienced resellers have at very least made one Hosted Telephony sale. However, in discussions with existing and prospective channel partners, it’s very clear that many h...
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Flexible Edge Makes The Difference
One of our closest competitors says, “Your Business Phone System is on-site or in the Cloud, it’s up to you.” If that’s all you’ve got in your portfolio then yes it is. But for an increasing number of SpliceCom customers there’s a third choice; mix and match the best features of two common...
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For Hybrid Telephony Think Cloud/Hosted + Resilience
Cloud and Hosted Telephony Services are very convenient, but what happens when the broadband circuit delivering the calls fails? It’s back to the mobile phones we go until such time as the broadband link is back in service. What’s simply inconvenient for some can be major league business impacting...
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So What Is Unified Communication?
Unified Communication offers many productivity and cost reduction benefits to businesses by simplifying the way employees communicate with colleagues, suppliers, customers and prospects through the convergence of voice and IT applications. It therefore follows that modern, IP PBXs like SpliceCom’s r...
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Long Live The PBX!

A year ago I publicly stated, "The PBX is dead, long live the PBX", so what's happened in the intervening twelve months? On the face of it, very little, apart from the fact that, as a company supplying only business phone systems, phones and associated applications, we've witnessed a very healthy 3...

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Don't Ignore Security

It’s over 12 months on from the introduction of Toll Fraud alerting and TRUNK-LOCK as standard features on the entry-level call reporting module of our Vision Business Management suite of apps. Unfortunately we still appear to be the only PBX manufacturer taking this direct threat to our customer...

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Call Recording's Not Just For Compliance

We're finding that demand for Vision Record - our fully embedded call recording solution for SpliceCom's range of soft, hard and virtual PBXs - is growing across all industries. It now doesn't matter if an organisation is required to record all calls for regulatory purposes or not, in an increasing...

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The Whole World's Going Mobile

The technology and benefits behind Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) are entering the maturity stage. However, the tidal-wave that is BYOD presents an interesting sub-plot for FMC during 2014 – the opportunity to replace traditional office mobility devices like DECT phones and SIP/WiFi devices. ...

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Here's Looking at 2014!

Happy New Year! 2014 looks set to be the year before the year of inflection for two key technologies that are shaping the future of business telephony. Through 2014 - as was the case in 2013 - sales of SIP trunks will continue to grow in direct contrast to the decline in...

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Embedded Mobility
There are apps out there that look good on paper, yet never truly deliver what they promise and there are those that just quietly and effectively get on with the task in hand, but which truly make a difference to both employees and businesses.

Let's take mobility as an example. SpliceCom delive...
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