WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business API offers quick, easy and secure access to your business using the leading social media app.

WhatsApp Business allows the attachment of different files, including legal documents, videos and images, so you can hold a full conversation; eliminating the need to move to another type of media.

The WhatsApp Business API service is registered to a telephone number. This can be your main office number, or a specific department number, like Sales, removing the need to advertise separate numbers for phone calls and messaging.

Customers can contact you by clicking on a WhatsApp button on your website; entering your WhatsApp Business telephone number as a Contact in their WhatsApp app; or by receiving your WhatsApp URL and opening WhatsApp on their web browser via the provided link.

Customers and Businesses are assured of high value conversations due to WhatsApp Business rules. For example: you and your customer may “converse” freely for as long as you choose, however, should the “conversation” be idle for more than 24 hours it will require the use of WhatsApp Notifications to renew it. Notifications are pre-approved by WhatsApp and contain pre-defined data entry fields, such as:

"Thank you for your recent enquire regarding {{Holiday Home}} in {{Location}} for {{Month}}, we now have availability following a cancellation. For further information please message us......"

A truly professional approach to integrating social media conversations.