MultiApp Platform (MAP) Solo

The MAP Solo from Splicecom is a flexible all-in-one voice solution that widens choice and reduces costs for smaller businesses. MAP Solo offers everything you could possibly need to deliver market leading business communications for your customers’, suppliers’ and employees’ - in a single unit.

MAP Solo delivers a sophisticated state-of-the-art voice solution supporting up to 16 users and combines SelectVoice system, Business Management (historical reports, call recording and real-time wallboards/dashboards) and an SSL Secure Remote Gateway for mobile, remote and home based employees on a single platform.

MAP Solo comes pre-loaded with Splicecom’s SelectVoice 1000, SSL Gateway for secure remote connectivity and the Vision Business Management suite. Just enable the apps that are right for your business and add any further system licences you might require.

The MAP Solo platform supports the following maximum configuration;

  • 16 Users (5 x licences supplied as standard)
  • 20 Voicemail Boxes (supplied as standard)
  • 16 SSL Connections (supplied as standard)
  • 16 Vision Reports (supplied as standard)
  • 15 Trunks (supplied as standard)
  • 15 Voice Processing Ports (supplied as standard)
  • 15 Vision Record Licences
  • 2 Vision Live Wallboards


  • Complete small business voice solution system in a box
  • Pre-loaded with SelectVoice platform, Vision Business Management Suite and SSL Secure Remote Gateway apps
  • Run one, any two, or all three pre-loaded apps
  • Works with Splicecom’s Intelligent Gateway Modules for legacy ISDN & analogue phone connectivity
  • Just add more licences to enable the real-time wallboards/dashboards or expand the SelectVoice system – at any time.
  • Recordings can be stored via external drives in line with current Vision Record operation
  • 36 month warranty


Splicecom SelectVoice Brochure .PDF 2.4MB Download