iPCS for iOS, Android & Windows Smart Phones

Splicecom's iPCS application takes Office Mobility to the next logical stage, enabling Apple and Android Smart Phones and Tablets to be utilised as highly featured maximiser business phones - replacing the need for DECT or SIP/WiFi wireless phones.

Providing a fully integrated IP Phone solution for the entire workforce, iPCS works in the same way as Splicecom's PCS system phones, empowering employees with access to key business features wherever they might be- at their desk or away from it. iPCS utilises WiFi or 4G/3G connectivity to provide direct integration with Splicecom's Maximiser OS based platforms.


  • Splicecom's unique multi-functional, Favourites application
  • Splicecom's Centralised System Directory for fast and accurate dialling of customers, suppliers, work colleagues and internal Departments
  • Selectable All/Missed Call History, for both calls made to your extension and any Department(s) you might be handling calls for - including integrated voicemail playback
  • Full control of personal mobility options; diversion for DDI and Group calls, the device calls will be diverted to, Do Not Disturb and Out Of Office message
  • Offers Call Recording when used in combination with Vision Record


iPCS for iOS, Android & Windows Smart Phones

See what Splicecoms iPCS provides with our online demo below. To Start click on the iPCS app icon

Works with all leading Smart Phones

Splicecom’s iPCS mobility app works with Apple’s iPhone, Android Phones and Windows Mobile. iPCS turns your favourite mobile phone into a highly featured IP Softphone extension when used with Splicecom voice solutions.

Secure connectivity wherever you are

iPCS utilises WiFi for connectivity when you’re in the office and 4G/3G services when you’re out. And because it employs SSL/TLS technology you can rest assured that your conversation is totally secure – even if it’s routed across the Internet.

Who can take my call?

Splicecom’s multi-functional Favourites display shows you at a glance; which of your colleagues’ are on a call, who’s free and even whose phone is ringing. There’s also a Park area, where calls can be held, viewed and picked up by everyone in the business – wherever they are.

History does ‘what it says on the tin’

The History tab shows all your calls or the ones you’ve missed. You’ll find all your voicemails here as well. Easy to understand icons show you calls that have been completed, those that have been missed and their direction; inbound or outbound.

Business and personal Contacts

You can choose to search for a Contact to ring using the unified company-wide phone directory that’s held on the Splicecom system. Alternatively, you can search for a number in your personal Contacts on your phone.*

Full control of mobility options

Settings allow you to divert your calls when you’re not in a position to answer them, but don’t want them going to voicemail. You can choose where DDI and Group calls will go and/or who they’ll be handled by. You can also set Do Not Disturb and your Out of Office status.

* Only available on Apple iPhone version at present.

Splicecom SelectVoice Brochure .PDF 2.4MB Download
Splicecom Feature Sheet Splicecom Softphones .PDF 1.5MB Download