Navigate Phone Partner

Splicecom’s Navigate, delivers advanced personal call management features for Splicecom's broad range of PCS IP Phones, or existing 3rd party analogue telephones. via your existing Windows laptop or PC. Providing point and click access to both commonly used and advanced Maximiser OS voice features, Navigate provides a single intuitive interface to manage business communications for all employees across a business, irrespective of their role.

Available as standard for every Splicecom user, Navigate delivers ALL of the benefits associated with Splicecom's top of the range IP Phones. Calls can be dialled as normal from the IP or analogue phone's keypad, or alternatively via your Windows laptop, with the same choice being available for call handling (answer, hold, transfer, park, pick-up, conference, etc.) as well.


  • Splicecom Phone Partner for Microsoft Windows
  • Works with Splicecom PCS 5xx IP Phones and existing analogue phones
  • Delivers Splicecom’s advanced IP telephony features via your existing laptop or PC
  • Interactive Caller Display
  • Pop-up Call Waiting Alert with Answer/Reveal/reject options
  • Separate Favourites window with 'Always on Top option'
  • Click-to-dial functionality
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook Contacts and Calendar (licence required)
  • Highlight and dial telephone numbers in all Microsoft applications (licence required)
  • Full interoperability with Vision Call Centre for Agents


Splicecom SelectVoice Brochure .PDF 2.4MB Download