Shared Inbox

There are many media applications that enable conversation, each with their own user interface - and that's the problem! Users have too many browsers, tabs and PC apps they need to view and manage, commonly resulting in lost, missed or forgotten opportunities.

With Front, part of the Splicecom Media App Suite, a single activity panel where each channel is clearly sign-posted by it's media type and has it's own routing rules, you can assign conversations for efficient accountability and quickly co-ordinate tasks, by adding pertinent comments, so your team handles everything in one place, to streamline your customer interactions.
The result: More efficient teams, happier customers and improved sales.

Typical Media Types

WhatsApp Business

Probably the most exciting form of social interaction used by 1.6Bn people worldwide. Delivering a common user interface across Android and Apple Smartphones, your conversations are responded to quickly and efficiently irrespective of customer location.


In the social media world, Twitter falls into the category of micro blogging tools because of the short, disconnected messages it distributes. Messages are limited to 140 characters plus attachments such as video, PDF and images


People exchange 1Bn messages with businesses on Facebook every month. Can you afford not to have a message button on your Facebook Business page which you can receive and manage in our single interface?


SMS is the old faithful. Still a popular method of communication however the charges associated with sending attachments can be costly. Text has its place for simple, transactional messages, however, it does not have the richer features delivered by apps.

Web Chat

How many times have you browsed a website and thought a web chat would be a quick way to solve a question you have? Only 9% of businesses have web chat, which means there's an awful lot missing a sales opportunity. Adding Web Chat is easy, with a simple code snippet added to your site.