Splicecom’s Vision Call Centre Supervisor Console enables administrators to make changes in real time providing up-to-the-second monitoring of activity within the call centre. All relevant information is immediately visible, and the console automatically alerts supervisors if something needs their attention.

Providing supervisors with all the real time information they need to manage call centre performance, the console delivers status monitoring of all agents under their control, whilst delivering performance statistics of individual agents, queues and calls. The console also allows supervisors to monitor or participate in individual calls, manually boost the priority of queuing calls and choose to forward calls in the queue to specific agents or themselves. Password protected, to ensure supervisors only have access to their particular areas of responsibility, the Vision Call Centre Supervisor Console is flexible enough to support fully configurable views of the Call Centre and yet simple enough to be fast, reliable and easy to use.


  • Vision Supervisor Console provides instant real-time information on Agents and Queues allowing Supervisors to make real-time changes to Agent states, Calls in Queue presentation or listen in to/conference in with an Agent on a call.
  • With the flexibility of configuring what real-time Agent State information is appropriate to your Call Centre the Supervisor can monitor the Agent information that is critical to them.
  • Primary Agent state information includes Waiting/Busy Not Available by selected code e.g. Training/On Call/Other-non Queue calls/Busy Wrap-up with associated time in state. Black Listing can be set to identify when these states are not used correctly.
  • Agent Detail allows a summary to be displayed against an individual Agent i.e. break down of time in-state, call statistics, etc. In addition the Supervisor can then change real-time Agent Availability state or Add/remove an Agent from a group.
  • Queue Panel shows Queues by name, call stats, real-time calls in Queue, caller’s name (if known by the system) and number (if presented by the carrier). The Supervisor can ‘Boost’ a call’s priority in real-time by a pre-determined level. or re-direct a call to an Agent who perhaps is in a overflow Group and is currently idle.


Splicecom SelectVoice Brochure .PDF 2.4MB Download