Vision Reports allows automatic or manual generation of historical reports, providing a wealth of information on all aspects of a call centre’s performance. These reports provide accurate and detailed information for operational reviews and future business planning for separate queues / campaigns / products or services, individual agents and overall Call Centre performance.

A key differentiator in the Vision Call Centre reporting capability is the simplicity of its reporting package. 35 pre-defined Call Centre reports are provided (in addition to the 31 standard reports offered by Vision), covering Agent, Call and Queue activity and performance.

Vision Call Centre Reports provide historical data for you to measure, manage and constantly enhance cal centre performance – all of which are key to controlling your call centre costs.

Vision Call Centre Reports lets you see the big picture and the call-by- call performance of each queue and agent. You can measure and verify call centre performance against service level objectives, review events as they happened and identify ways to improve business processes.

Vision Call Centre Reports can be run at any time, from anywhere, via a standard web browser. A Scheduled Report feature allows specific reports to be run on a pre-determined day/time and emailed to single or multiple contacts.


  • Highly informative historical reporting offering 35 standard Call Centre reports in addition to standard Vision Reports bundle.
  • Scheduled Reports Engine allows chosen reports to be automatically emailed to multiple recipients, based on day of week/month, time of day.
  • Real-time nature of Vision Reports allows reports to be generated on the fly whenever required.
  • Running tailored reports, e.g. for outsourced call centre clients, is greatly simplified through Vision’s open architecture which allows database mining either directly or via an independent package e.g. Crystal Reports.


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