Navigate for Agents enables Call Centre staff to handle calls efficiently and effectively. The Windows based app is simplicity itself and runs as a fully featured IP Softphone or Phone Partner, allowing any Splicecom phone to be utilised as a Call Centre terminal.

Navigate for Agents is an easy-to-use information and control interface providing interaction with the totally integrated Vision Call Centre system. It can either run alongside existing IT applications or provide a complete front-end to enable the agents to handle the call in as efficient a manner as possible. Agent Log in/Out, Availability Status, Call Completion Codes, Current Call Information and Performance Statistics are all accessed via the desktop app. When Splicecom’s PCS 563 and PCS 573G IP Phones are deployed for call centre use, context-sensitive screens reflecting Agent Status and Call Completion Codes are also displayed on the phones themselves. PCS 573G allows up to 16 Completion Codes to be displayed, whilst the PCS 563 supports up to 8 Completion Codes.

SelectVoice’s unique architecture, in particular its distributed processing and fully replicated system database, make it the ideal choice when deploying Virtual Call Centres. Agents handling calls for a particular queue can be spread across multiple sites, or even be home based. SelectVoice’s underlying architecture allows it to operate as a single, unified system, with or without local trunk connectivity, no matter how many sites and/or homes it spans, allowing agents to operate as a single group, no matter where they might be working.


  • Wide choice for working. PCS 5 Series IP desk phone, Navigate IP Softphone, combination of IP desk phone and Navigate operating in Phone Partner mode, or Agent Portal, a browser based Agent productivity tool.
  • Completion Codes clearly presented via the Agent’s PCS IP Phone, Navigate or Agent Portal with prominent Wrap-Up Timer duration.
  • Busy Not Available state clearly presented, utilising text and colour to differentiate state type presented e.g. At Lunch. Supervisor ‘only’ BNA settings are also available to overcome incorrect selection scenarios where appropriate.
  • Should an Agent require Supervisor assistance a real-time Agent Help button flags up an alarm on the Supervisor Console and Live wallboard tile.


Splicecom SelectVoice Brochure .PDF 2.4MB Download