The Whole World's Going Mobile

The technology and benefits behind Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) are entering the maturity stage. However, the tidal-wave that is BYOD presents an interesting sub-plot for FMC during 2014 – the opportunity to replace traditional office mobility devices like DECT phones and SIP/WiFi devices. 

At SpliceCom we've found this transition gathering pace during 2013. Our iPCS IP Softphone for iOS and Android devices offers more integrated system features than DECT phones. This along side the fact that one mobile device can now be used for both business and personal calls – both inside and outside the office environment - has resulted in user preference driving its uptake. From a management perspective business calls taken and made on Smart Phones can be tracked and reported on – and more importantly are fully integrated with overall Call Management, as is call recording. And by using SSL for connectivity security is assured as well.

Interestingly, what started as a user led revolution has now been turned on its head – with business buying lower-cost Android phones in bulk to provide a direct one-to-one replacement for ageing, low-functionality DECT phones to get more value out of their managed WiFi systems in-house. We’re already seeing the portability and convenience of this solution being increasingly used in combination with the traditional desktop phone, with several entrepreneurial organisations going to the next level and using it as their sole business phone – which is surely the end game towards which we’re all headed.