SpliceCom Simplify Remote Working Security

By adding a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connectivity option to their latest PCS 5 Series IP Phones, SpliceCom has made the deployment of these phones for remote office and home working applications easier to roll-out, whilst simultaneously increasing voice security.

Providing a secure SSL tunnel between the IP phone, through the internet and back to the SSL Gateway alongside the SpliceCom PBX – wherever that might be; on-premise, in the cloud or hosted – negates the need for costly and complex Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or the security risk associated with the use of the Simple Tunnelling Protocol (STUN) and Network Address Translation (NAT). SpliceCom’s SSL uses the same “padlock” technology utilised for making browser based financial transactions via the web.

SpliceCom’s SSL for PCS 5 Series IP Phones is based on field-proven technology, the British company’s iPCS IP Softphone app for SmartPhones and tablets also uses SSL for connectivity. SpliceCom’s SSL Gateway operates as a native Linux or Mac OS X app, or, alternatively in a virtualised environment. Utilising SSL also reduces network overheads on a standard voice call by up to 95% when compared with a VPN connection.

“Adding SSL support to our extensive range of IP Phones is further validation of our commitment to provide on-going value to new and existing SpliceCom customers,” said Robin Hayman, Director of Marketing and Product Management. “ We view SSL support as a key component of our Flexible Edge Solutions portfolio, making life easier for IT and Financial Directors as well as those who will be using it to communicate on a daily basis,” concludes Hayman.