Splicecom and Yealink Announce Partnership

Splicecom and Yealink have entered into an agreement, allowing the British voice service provider/vendor to build enhanced support for Yealink’s SIP phones into its SelectVoice platforms. Splicecom now resell the range of Yealink phones via its channel partners to further complement their own premium Splicecom handset range.

“We’ve chosen to work with Yealink because they consistently produce innovative, feature-rich, robust and reliable IP phones at a great price point,” states Splicecom’s Director of Marketing & Product Management, Robin Hayman. “We’ve built specific support for Yealink’s T4 Series handsets into our recently launched SelectVoice platform, which includes a high level of feature integration.” 

SelectVoice offers extended support for Yealink phones in the following areas;
•           Busy Lamp Fields
•           Unified system directory search for users & contacts
•           System wide park/pick-up, including park by name
•           Synchronised system settings, including Do Not Disturb & call forwarding
•           Hot desking
•           Paging

“Our whole SelectVoice launch has had an ‘easy to sell, easy to install, easy to use’ focus,” continued Hayman, “and the Yealink integration is no different. A fully integrated Provisioning Tool makes it simple to add and configure Yealink phones on any SelectVoice system, irrespective of deployment; cloud, on premise, or any blend of the two. Then there’s WebPartner, our browser based, personal productivity app that delivers desktop control for Yealink phones. Access to system wide directories - including click to dial - busy lamp fields, visual voicemail, comprehensive call forwarding and other widely used user settings are all easily accessible. And being browser based, WebPartner’s also ideal as a business continuity and DR tool, allowing individuals to quickly change call forwarding or ‘follow-me’ settings from anywhere.”

“We’ve been very impressed with the levels of feature integration that have been achieved by Splicecom’s engineering team, between their new SelectVoice platform and Yealink’s comprehensive range of SIP phones,” says Andy Roberts, MD for Yealink UK. “By treating Yealink phones as true system components, rather than just 3rd party add-on devices, Splicecom are delivering a true value added proposition that is significantly greater than the sum of its parts.”

“We see our relationship with Yealink being a key factor in Splicecom’s future success in three main areas,” says Stuart Bell, Splicecom’s Head of Sales for the UK & Ireland. “It extends out our IP endpoint portfolio by instantly providing our partners with access to conference phones, IP DECT phones, video phones and Busy Lamp Field extenders for traditional operator requirements. Secondly, it lowers the cost of entry where prospects are looking for an ‘everyday’ office feature set. Finally, and most significantly for our future ambitions, it allows our partners to deliver significant value add to the large wave of hosted customers whose initial 3-year term is coming to an end and who want to keep their existing Yealink handsets, but change their voice service provider,” concluded Bell.